TG-Aluminum compound sealing spacer for IG is the perfect combination of Aluminum strip and spacer. It brings more aesthetic design and stronger support together with unique patent and excellent quality topping in the world.

This kind of spacer can be used together with other types of sealing rubber such as silicon, and it can meet the demands of the IG units.

Plastic warm edge spacer doesn’t contain any metal material, which can effectively reduce the loss of heat and the thermal conduction at the edge of the insulating glass.

This product is made from high-quality butyl, polymer adhesive, and desiccant and continues corrugated aluminum strip. Therefore, the product offers an excellent sealing effect, superior drying capacity.

Mosaic spacer for insulating glass consists of three major functional elements, including the butyl sealant, molecular sieve and internal adhesive.

This insulating glass compound spacer is creatively composited by butyl sealant and Aluminum spacer through special process. 

Fireproof glass strip is made of highly quality butyl rubber, polymer adhesive and some other materials.