Welcome to tycoon


Tycoon Global was established in 2014.  At TG, we have created a smooth, streamlined and more efficient process to provide the highest quality our customers expect.  This results in added value to our products at a lower cost, enabling our customers to earn a higher return from their end users.  This is our mission and we are passionate about it. Our company’s name, “Tycoon”, stems from the TAIKUN, a Japanese term of “Supreme Commander” and “business magnet”.  Through inspiration, innovation and discipline, Tycoon Global provides customers around the world with the highest standards and quality.

Get to know us:

  • Our singular focus from day one has been to create a product of the highest quality at the most competitive price. 
  • We strive for efficient, uncompromised, sincere, and exceptional service.
  • We are excited about building long-term, strong relationships with customers.
  • We aim to be an invaluable resource, or “business magnet”, where customers can learn about products, quality, certifications, standards, and price.