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Tycoon Global was established in 2014. At TG, we have created a smooth, streamlined and more efficient process to provide the highest quality our customers expect. This results in added value to our products at a lower cost, enabling our customers to earn a higher return from their end-users. This is our mission and we are passionate about it.
Our company’s name, “Tycoon”, stems from the TAIKUN, a Japanese term of “Supreme Commander” and “business magnet”. Through inspiration, innovation, and discipline, Tycoon Global provides customers around the world with the highest standards and quality.


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TG-Spacers are the best value high-performing spacer bars and they make a significant contribution to high energy efficient sealed units.

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If you are a leader in window and door industry, or you are an IG manufacturer, one of our Sealant is specifically designed for your goal.

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TG-Glass is the beauty and a fascinating aura of mystery to create an unforgettable first impression, we sell the design program to achieve a global presence.

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I would recommend this product because quite honestly I think it is a great product and have have not received any forms of complaints or problems with it in relations to its performance.

I bought CNC PVC Corner Cleaner machine and that was the best decision I made to work with Tycoon. "We’re very pleased with the product, price, service, and support" The warranty service is phenomenal. 

We choose Tycoon, because we simply couldn't find any other company that offered all the tools we needed under one platform. their technical team were unbelievably helpful and powerful in the areas they claimed for, such as supply and compliance diligence, risk mitigation and process management.