What we do?

After examining your target markets and establishing your firm’s specific product and service requirementTycoon Global dentifies, selects and sources reliable and responsive companies that are located “Offshore” to enable you to outsource your product needs internationally. Outsourcing and procuring speciality fenestration components and accessories overseas can make your company more distinctive, profitable, and competitive in today’s markets.

We have prequalified a select group of manufacturers in China and other cost-effective countries that meet our stringent criteria for availability, quality, “Just in Time” delivery and price. In addition, we have negotiated favorable terms and conditions on your behalf that will substantially reduce your overhead and maximize your profits.

Tycoon Global efforts go far beyond simply procuring components and accessories.

We speak the language; understand the culture and we are uniquely qualified to conduct business and your behalf in good faith. Tycoon Global also maintains active, locally experienced on-site support personnel and resources. Tycoon Global has flexible resources that can be effectively adapted and utilized to satisfy your specific requirement on an ongoing basis. Resources that will help you capitalize on the economic boom in China and elsewhere. 

With the year of experience in LLC outsourcing and our intimate local knowledge, you will be able to focus on increasing productivity and efficiency that contribute to you bottom-line at home. Tycoon Global ’s quality control diligence and certification procedures and augmented by regular factory visits and on-site verification where required.
One of the early concerns from a purchaser’s point of view is the ability to deliver appropriate quantities when required. Whether it is multiple containers or smaller quantities to make sure the product suits all needs we can accommodate.

With our ability to source all products we can assist you in finding all products as may be required by you.

Why Supply Sourcing?

Many North American fenestration companies are recognizing the tangible benefits of “outsourcing” component and part supply to countries that are able to provide at “lower costs” goods and services that can enhance your competitive edge and reduce your risk thus increasing your margins.

When you purchase components from China or other LCC’s where manufacturing costs are often greatly reduced this can allow you to focus on your core business and improve your profitability. Tycoon Global experts are now assisting many North American fenestration companies in tailoring their essential purchasing requirements for semi-finished and finished components to take full advantage of reduced costs while improving reliability. This allows us to take advantage of modern manufacturing efficiencies that China and other LCC’s can provide.

The reliable network established by Tycoon Global in China and other Low cost countries will allow you to mitigate your risk, improve domestic production efficiency and allow you to concentrate your domestic resources where they can add the most value to your business while securing your important purchasing transactions with a reliable supply chain and put the low production costs and huge talent base of LCC’s to work for your company.


Why Tycoon Global?

Tycoon Global is an international company based in Toronto, Canada. Tycoon Global provides “Integrated Facility Management” solution to a wide range of clients across the Middle East and North America. Combined with our supply China expertise, we also have the capability to deliver any shipment at the right time to the right place. With our complete project lifecycle approach, we help our clients to reduce total project costs while improving efficiencies. 
Our mission is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship for your business, whether it is one-time closeout deals or creating long-term markets.

  • We can strategize with your business to develop innovative solutions that cater to your needs.
  • At the same time, we can work closely with your business in sourcing your specific purchasing requirement and provide you with the most competitive prices.
  • We have expertise in dealing with the business climate of developing countries and can assist you with freight forwarding, tariffs, duties, customs clearance, packaging, and standards compliance, export insurance, foreign exchange and complex letters of credit.
  • We have a long-standing reputation within the international trading community and have a strong presence and contacts in many foreign markets.

How Our Experts can help

  • TG  finds reliable  Chinese manufacturers
  • TG  provides management of the end-to-end manufacturing and sourcing process
  • TG delivers quality inspection services and a complete logistics solution

If you are looking to hire the services of a sourcing company in China or Hong Kong you need to decide on a business model according to your organizational objectives. You can rely on Tycoon Global to position itself as a buyer-seller for the product being sourced.

Here are some of the criteria that Tycoon Global provides for your business

  • We provide end-to-end sourcing service that includes supplier identification and prequalification, quotation management, auditing, product development, and testing, contracting and supplier selection, quality control management, logistics management, payment, and supplier development.
  • We can source product from the whole of China and not only in the industrial regions of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. 
  • We also have the capacity of sourcing in other LCC’s (if required) through a network of fully-owned buying offices in order to challenge the Chinese supply base with alternative suppliers.
  • We have the team with development procurement process expertise to integrate effectively with the procurement process of your organization. The team has a detailed knowledge of any and all categories that need to be sourced.
  • TG is able to offset risks and barriers associated with low-cost country sourcing and also is able to convince an organization to change suppliers from a traditional base in high-cost countries to a new base in low-cost countries.
  • We believe that our team has the necessary project management and communication skills required to interact with our buyers and suppliers to gain their confidence. 



Process Management

Your business is our business. We ensure that your only work is receiving your product in your warehouse, that’s it!

Compliance Diligence

Our most unique features, our panel of fenestration industry experts ensure what you get is always code compliant.

Supply Diligence

The best product at the best price. We are constantly reviewing supply markets to provide you the best deal.

Risk Mitigation

Peace of mind. You do not have “cost surprises” or “legal surprises”, we handle that for you: one price, one deal